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Comtech Safety & Security Technologies (SST) is proud to be a pioneer, contributor, and leader in this evolving industry, dedicated to developing, deploying, and advancing 9‑1‑1 services that benefit everyone. Our public safety roots began with Xypoint. Leveraging our innovative location technology, we stood at the forefront of wireless 9-1-1, completing the first U.S. NCAS wireless E9‑1‑1 call on September 5, 1997. Since then, we’ve set our sights on one goal: empowering our customers to improve 9‑1‑1. Under the leadership of TeleCommunication Systems, Inc., our team was instrumental in designing and deploying multiple new services that save lives every day, including E9‑1‑1 Phase II, VoIP E9‑1‑1, VoWiFi E9‑1‑1, Text to 9‑1‑1, and NG9‑1‑1.

Guiding industry standards and developing revolutionary technology for decades, we are your industry experts in emergency call routing and critical location data delivery. Voice Service Providers, states, and local jurisdictions across the country rely on our exceptional products & services, dedicated support team, and experienced subject matter experts. We’ve paved the way for new communications methods, launched innovative services to meet the forthcoming demands, and now stand ready to help propel the 9-1-1 industry further than the original architects envisioned.

Our name may have changed, but our mission, values, and drive have not. Our team continues to develop and deploy solutions that support improved communications connections, accurate location data, and next generation functionality. We respect 9‑1‑1 and design our products with public-safety-grade availability to ensure that emergency service is always in the hands and the fingertips of the people. 9‑1‑1 is power, the power to give critical lifesaving support to citizens across the nation. Every innovation, every advancement brings us closer to better, more reliable 9‑1‑1 service.

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